Thursday, April 23, 2015

Copa Libertadores

Last week in South America, there were lots of games, the group stages of the Copa Libertadores had their last day with a lot of excitement and unbelievable scores.

In Group 1, Atletico Mineiro from Brazil defeated the Chileans Colo-Colo by a score of 2 goals to 0 and Independiente Santa Fe from Colombia won 3-1 against Mexican Atlas.

In Group 2, San Lorenzo from Argentina lost 1-0 against Danubio from Uruguay, while San Pablo won the "Brazilian Teams Game" against Corinthians by 2 goals to 0.

In Group 3, Cruzeiro from Brasil defeated Universitario Sucre from Peru, while Mineros from Venezuela won 3-0 against Argentinian Huracan.

In Group 4, Emelec from Ecuador won 2-0 against Universidad De Chile, while Brazilian Inter defeated The Strongest from Bolivia by 1 goal to 0.

In Group 5, Zamora from Venezuela lost 3-0 against Uruguayan Wanderers, while Boca Juniors from Argentina defeated Palestino from Chile by 2 goals to 0.

In Group 6, RiBer Plate from Argentina defeated San Jose from Peru by 3 goals to 0, while Juan Aurich from Peru lost 5-4! against Mexican Tigres.

In Group 7, Atletico Nacional from Colombia defeated Libertad from Paraguay by 4 goals to 0!
On the same group, Estudiantes from Argentina defeated Barcelona from Ecuador by 2 goals to 0.

In Group 8, Sporting Cristal from Peru tied 1-1 with Paraguayan Guarani, while Racing from Argentina defeated Tachira from Venezuela by 3 goals to 2.


GAME 1- Boca Juniors (Argentina) vs RiBer Plate (Argentina)
GAME 2- Sao Paulo (Brazil) vs Cruzeiro (Brazil)
GAME 3- Guarani (Paraguay) vs Corinthians (Brazil)
GAME 4- Wanderers (Uruguay) vs Racing Club (Argentina)
GAME 5- Tigres (Mexico) vs Universitario Sucre (Peru)
GAME 6- Atletico Nacional (Colombia) vs Emelec (Ecuador)
GAME 7- Atletico Mineiro (Brazil) vs Internacional (Brazil)
GAME 8- Estudiantes (Argentina) vs Independiente Santa Fe (Colombia)

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